Green Hype Caravan visits THA Offices

The Comprehensive Economic Development (CEDP) Secretariat hosted a Green Hype Caravan to generate excitement within the Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) for its upcoming Green Office Week Challenge.

The Green Hype Caravan was held on Friday 10th July, 2015 and the Green Hype Team, together with DJ Arelle from Street 91.9fm, toured the participating Offices and entertained staff. The Caravan was well received and staff members wore green on the day to support the initiative.

At the last stop, the caravan went live on 91.9fm with an interview with Assistant Secretary Handel Beckles, Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities.Photo 2

There are eight Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly participating in the Green Office Week Challenge and the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) has also registered for the challenge. The challenge entails these Offices dedicating an entire week (Monday 20th to Friday 24th July, 2015) to environmental conservation in keeping with the first strategic priority area of CEDP 2.0, Branding Tobago: Clean, Green, Safe and Serene. The CEDP Secretariat will be participating in the activities of the week but will not be competing for the challenge trophy.

The activities of the week are: Energy Reduction Monday, Transport Tuesday (Carpooling, which will be accommodated by the Shaw Park Complex), Waste Wednesday (Managed by SWMCOL), No Print Thursday and Innovation Friday (Staff will use their creativity to implement conservation methods).

The winner walks away with bragging rights and the challenge trophy.

This is the first year the Green Office Week will be celebrated in Tobago and it is anticipated that the Tobago House of Assembly will continue to observe this week on an annual basis under the ambit of the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan Secretariat. It is hoped that the excitement generated by the Green Hype Caravan drives staff to enthusiastically participate in the Green Office Week Challenge and that they continue to employ conservation methods after the week has ended.


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