Office of the Chief Secretary

Office of the Chief Secretary

Administrative Complex, Calder Hall

Divisional Overview

The Office of the Chief Secretary (OCS) is an overarching networking mechanism responsible for effectively guiding, facilitating and coordinating the activities of the various Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). In particular, OCS’s principal responsibility is to ensure that all services offered by the THA are in conformity with established principles, policies and procedures.


The Premier Division committed to excellent service delivery while empowering our people.


To provide exceptional and equitable services to all customers through the use of technology and a well trained professional workforce leading to the development of Tobago.


Operational Mandate

The mandate of the Buccoo Integrated Facility is the dedication to the vibrancy of the village of Buccoo by being dual purposed, offering affordable commercial rental spaces in order to assist Buccoo’s entrepreneurs, as well as being home to a variety of rental spaces for the hosting of events. The maintenance, both ongoing and preventative, as well as developmental projects, are at the forefront in continually developing the Buccoo Village.

Operational Mandate

The Community Partnership Unit acts as a medium through which perceived irritants or areas of potential concerns can be brought to the attention of the administration of the Tobago House of Assembly. This is achieved by performance of first level needs assessments of the various communities and determination of the relevant proactive measures to be undertaken, so as to ensure an enhanced delivery process and improvement in the satisfaction level of the community.

Operational Mandate

The mandate of the Department of Information (DOI) is to build and promote understanding, trust and confidence in the THA through the OCS. To achieve this, the Department must engage different audiences: THA employees, the public, the media (traditional and social media platforms) and other stakeholders such as government officials, the business sector and public policy groups to create connections with the THA. The DOI is an influence builder that helps to shape and direct communications activities to achieve the communications goals of the OCS and the THA. The Department has a responsibility for internal and external communications for the OCS and by extension the THA.

Operational Mandate

To provide an independent and objective review whereby assurance is given to the Chief Administrator that the Tobago House of Assembly’s financial and operational controls are operating in an efficient, effective and ethical manner. The activities undertaken by the Internal Audit Department include those that are relevant to all Divisions of the Assembly, and in other cases specific to some.

Operational Mandate

The Land Management Department is responsible for the collection, compilation and conversion of spatial data into meaningful information for all lands within the purview of the THA.

Operational Mandate

The primary aim and objective of the Lagal Department is to reduce the liability and risk exposure of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). The Department is responsible for defending the THA in litigation matters and at times initiating court matters. The Department also provides legal advice and opinions on factual situations, contracts, deeds, leases, Memoranda of Understanding as well as legislation.

Operational Mandate

The provision of management consultancy services to all Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) with the ultimate goal being to optimize management and operational efficiencies within the Assembly.

Operational Mandate

The Planning Department deals with related functions associated with the effective operation of the various Divisions of the Assembly. This is facilitated through the promotion of good project planning, project management and the compilation of status reports on projects.

The functions include policy research on socio-economic issues relevant to the development of the island and particularly those set out in the Fifth Schedule of Act No.40 of 1996. In addition, the final approval for all applications for permission to subdivide or develop land in Tobago is made at the Planning Department. The Department also shares the role of assessing the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan 2.0 (CEDP) with the CEDP Secretariat.

Operational Mandate

To revise, implement, administer and oversee the procurement procedure within the various Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly to ensure compliance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act 2015 (as amended) (the “Act”). 

Operational Mandate

To support the efficient and effective functioning of the Office of the Chief Secretary and the wider Tobago House of Assembly by providing guidance in accordance with established protocol.

Operational Mandate

To coordinate a network of agencies and individuals within the island of Tobago, to direct their efforts to the maximum preservation of life, and the protection of property in times of disaster.

Contact Information

Administrative Complex
62-64 Calder Hall Road
Calder Hall, Tobago

Telephone: (868) 639-3421

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