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Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development
Contact Information

Old Government Farm Road
Shaw Park
Telephone: 639-1287 (PBX available)

Assemblyman Trevor James

Secretary for Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development

Assemblyman Terance Baynes

Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development

Divisional Overview

The Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development manages the policy and planning for the sustainable development of Tobago’s infrastructural network, natural resources and space.  The Division is also responsible for environmental protection and works closely with the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).The goal of the Division is to sustain and improve the island’s infrastructure networks in a manner that protects and preserves the environment, while at the same time secure and drive Tobago’s socio-economic growth.


To efficiently manage, develop and maintain public infrastructure, to monitor and facilitate the development of public utilities and to effectively meet the needs of an ever-advancing society.


The provision of physical infrastructure and utilities which support Tobago’s social and economic development, protects its people, and increases their resilience in the face of climate-related and other extreme events and is consistent with a “Clean, Green, Safe and Serene” Tobago.

Departments / Units
Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL)

The Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL) is a private company wholly-owned by the Tobago House of Assembly.  The Division has the direct oversight for the Company. SPEL was officially incorporated in 2016 and is charged with the management of the Quarry at Studley Park; a resource deemed one of Tobago’s prized industry with great potential for revenue generation. The range of products offered by SPEL for sale on the local and national market include aggregate, crusher run, rotten rock and boulders, amongst others. The operations also include a Concrete Batching Plant and a Hot Mix Asphalt Batching Plant.

Core Services Department
The Development Programme

This Department undertakes infrastructural work on the island pertaining to the construction of drains, sidewalks, retaining walls, road alignment, building construction and roundabouts.

Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Services Department (Roads and Buildings) is responsible for the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads and bridges, and the construction and maintenance of Government facilities and other public buildings. It also collaborates with the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) and is further sub-divided into four districts namely: Mason Hall/Moriah, Scarborough, Roxborough and Speyside.

Traffic Management Unit

This Unit is responsible for the proper maintenance of traffic signals, road signs and markings. For the year 2019, the DIQE completed several transportation and traffic initiatives which focused on targeted planning for Tobago’s infrastructures and systems, which will improve road user interfaces and safety.

Mechanical Services

This section conducts repairs and maintains the Division’s fleet of vehicles. It is also responsible for the fabrication and machining of components for the Division and other entities such as WASA and T&TEC.

Other Technical Services Department
Department of the Environment

This Department is charged with the protection, preservation and enhancement of Tobago’s environment.  Moreover, the Department promotes the sustainable use and management of our air, land and water for the benefit of current and future generations.  Its responsibilities extend to the processing of environmental permits, environmental monitoring and environmental education.

Licensing Department

This Department is mandated to execute the policies of the Ministry of Works and Transport as they relate to the issuance of drivers permits, the inspection of vehicles and adherence to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act.  This Department also conducts required examinations for motorists.

Unemployment Relief Programme

The Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) provides short term employment with a major emphasis on training, which is geared towards the enhancement of entrepreneurial skills of participants. The Department also assists in small scale projects in communities, and is strategically organized to assist with emergency and disaster response as it relates to clean up efforts, rehabilitation of beaches and infrastructural damage throughout communities.  URP also focuses heavily on the development of agricultural initiatives.

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The primary mandate of this Unit is the monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects, its progress, impact and the achievements aligned to the Division’s objectives. For the year 2019, the Unit monitored and evaluated eighty seven (87) construction projects. Twenty (20) were completed and sixty seven (67) are currently ongoing.

Coastal Zone Management Unit

The Coastal Zone Management Unit was formed in March 2018.  This Unit is responsible for conducting coastal zone risk assessment with a view to providing updated qualitative and quantitative data on risk in the coastal zone of Tobago.  More specifically, the Unit is charged with formulating baseline studies on coastal and oceanographic processes; conducting Comprehensive Risk Evaluation; developing Coastal Risk Information and Planning Platform; and developing coastal infrastructure to control coastal erosion, enhance climate-related hazard resilience of coastal infrastructure, improve the aesthetics and recreational opportunities offered to tourists and residents.

Administrative Support Services Department

The primary objective of the Administrative Support Services Department is to support the activities of the Core Departments, in order to ensure the implementation of the Division’s mandate. The Department comprises the Human Resources, Communications, Finance/Accounting and Information Technology Units.