Finance and the Economy
Contact Information

Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex
6-10 Post Office Street
Telephone: 639-4412 (PBX available)

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Assemblyman Joel Jack

Deputy Chief Secretary and Secretary of Finance and the Economy

Divisional Overview

The Division of Finance and the Economy is committed to ensuring that the financial business of the Assembly is conducted with professional integrity and responsibility, and that the public funds of the Tobago House of Assembly, are properly safeguarded and are applied only for the purposes intended by Parliament and properly reflected in the Accounts of the Tobago House of Assembly.


To manage and safeguard all finances of the Tobago House of Assembly, through effective and efficient planning, implementation, auditing and enforcement functions in accordance with existing legislation to the benefit of the Tobago House of Assembly and all residents of Tobago.


To achieve excellence in financial activities, entrepreneurial development and enforce the law with regards to revenue collection.

Departments / Units

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