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Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation
Contact Information

#12 Sankar Building
Sangster’s Hill
Telephone: 639-2125 (PBX available)

Councillor Tashia Grace Burris

Secretary for Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation

Assemblyman Niall George

Assistant Secretary for Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation

Divisional Overview

The Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation is the primary institution through which the Assembly’s responsibility for tourism is executed. The Division is also the parent organization for the following Companies: the Pigeon Point Heritage Park Limited (PPHPL), Tobago Festivals Commission Limited (TFCL) and the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL).


To position Tobago as an ideal tourist destination by providing unrivalled tourism products and services through people oriented sustainable development strategies, partnering with stakeholders and a highly motivated and knowledgeable team of employees.

To transform the quality of lives of all Tobagonians by mobilizing and empowering communities, promoting and showing respect to our culture for the benefit of our people.


To be the premier tourism organization, promoting a diverse, superior and unique product.

Departments / Units
Department of Tourism

The Department of Tourism operationalizes the Division’s mandate of establishing, standardizing, marketing, and sustaining the island’s tourism product in a manner consistent with the positioning strategy of “Tobago Beyond Ordinary” for Tobago as a tourist destination.

Project Implementation Unit

This Unit is charged with the responsibly of converting the Divisions’ developmental projects investment funds (inputs) into successfully completed projects (outputs).

Repairs and Maintenance Unit

The mandate of the Repairs and Maintenance Unit is to ensure that all sites, attractions and facilities are maintained in a pristine condition by monitoring and developing preventative maintenance strategies, and the timely deployment and management of the staff of the Division.

Life Guard Unit

The mandate of the Life Guard Unit is to educate the general public about water safety and to provide a safe environment for visitors at beaches where life guards are stationed.

Promotions Unit

The mandate of the Promotions Unit is to disseminate information to visitors on the destination, which includes sites, attractions, events exhibitions and accommodation, as well as to support destination marketing strategies through public awareness initiatives.

Information and Communications Unit

The mandate of the Information and Communications Unit is to develop ICT strategies and provision ICT services, which would deliver long-term benefits, based upon our clients key requirements. The strategies outlined would result in services provided being economical, efficient, effective and flexible while allowing the Division to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.

Department of Culture

The Department of Culture seeks to empower and sustain creative communities, promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Tobago, and facilitate cultural development in a global environment.

Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation is charged with the responsibility for cruise ship arrivals, monitoring international flights and domestic connectivity for airlift, and the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Ferry Service.

Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL)

The TTAL’s core mandate is to spearhead the (re) development of the island’s tourism product and the marketing and (re) positioning of Tobago as a premier island destination, founded on the principles of sustainable development. In 2018, TTAL re-branded Destination Tobago with the unveiling of a modern and attractive logo and tagline, “Tobago Beyond: unspoilt, untouched, and undiscovered”.

Tobago Festivals Commission

The Tobago Festivals Commission Limited (TFCL) is charged with the primary responsibility of planning, coordinating and implementing Tobago’s Tourism and Cultural Festivals and other festivals, as directed by the Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation.

Pigeon Point Heritage Park Limited

The Pigeon Point Heritage Park Limited (PPHPL) has the primary responsibility for total oversight of the management and daily operations of both the Pigeon Point Heritage Park and the Store Bay beach facilities.