Cataract patients to get relief

Secretary for the Division of Health & Social Services, Claudia Groome-Duke.
Cataract patients waiting for surgery in Tobago will get some relief from next month.

There is a backlog of cataract patients in Tobago due for surgery.

The Division of Health and Social Services (DHSS) have begun the process to ensure Tobagonians get the vital surgery without further delays.

DHSS Secretary, Claudia Groome-Duke, said a medical team of six, led by Senior Ophthalmologist Dr Rishi Sharma, a consultant and vitro retinal Surgeon at Glasgow Hospital in the UK, will travel to Tobago next month to operate on patients.

In addition to the ophthalmologist team operating on patients, the doctors will “create and implement the aftercare programme,” Groome-Duke said. “We’re due to start by mid-April.”

The Division of Health and Social Services have started the evaluation of 435 patient cases. “We’re looking at a round figure of 450 persons who will have this particular kind of surgery,” Groome-Duke said.

She indicated that the Division, as well as the Tobago Regional Health Authority and the medical team were “working very closely to ensure that this process and this surgery will be a successful project for our people here in Tobago.”

“We will all see better after this project,” Groome-Duke said.

The programme will take approximately three months.

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