Blue Room to open for men

The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, in collaboration with the National Union of Government & Federated Workers (NUGFW), and BMEN, spearheaded by consultant Michael Stewart will launch the Blue Room in celebration of International Men’s Day on November 19, 2019.

Data on cancers amongst men in Trinidad and Tobago shows that it is on the rise with prostate cancer being the leading cause of cancer deaths among men. Our twin island Republic currently has one of the highest prostate cancer mortality rates in the world.

The aim of the Blue Room initiative is to move towards the reduction of cancers in men in Tobago by increasing awareness of cancers, while also doing community engagement and projects. Services will include clinical services such as prostate exams and HIV screening. The launch will be held at the Tobago Rehabilitation and Empowerment Centre (TREC) Compound, Fort Street, Scarborough (Old Scarborough General Hospital).

International Men’s Day is an annual international event celebrated on November 19.