Traffic Study Aims to Reduce Congestion

The 2018 Traffic Study for Scarborough will be completed at the end of this month.

Transportation Planner at the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Nadia Frank-John said it should help the Division address traffic congestion on the island.

“…With increased car volumes on the roadway, we have the same amount of square footage of road to drive on. We have to increase the capacity and the efficiency in which we use the capacity of the roadways,” Frank-John said.

Frank-John said the Division is examining motorist delays in traffic to determine if current waiting periods are acceptable. In addition, the lengths of traffic queues and the causes of such backups are also being reviewed.

“The number of stops persons make along the roadway and to really aggregate that number in terms of how we are going to reduce ‘congestion’ in the downtown Scarborough area,” she said.

The findings from the 2018 study will allow for informed decisions to be made to reduce time spent in traffic in and around Scarborough.

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