Suspension of Driver’s Permit Issuance at Licensing Office

The Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities is informing the public that due to the malfunction of technical equipment at the Licensing Department, the issuance of driver’s permit would be suspended until Wednesday 15th July 2015, at which point the situation would be regularized.

The suspension of service is particularly limited to the issuance of 1st issue permits, renewals and duplicates. However, in the case of expired permits, holders would be given a provisional license following the processing of
renewal fees, to facilitate the fulfilment of motor vehicle laws. This would include a formal notice indicating the expiration date and receipt sanctioned by Licensing Officers.

For further information, the public is invited to contact the Licensing Office at 868 639 2466.

The Division apologises for any inconvenience caused and thanks the public for exercising patience in the matter.

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