Survey Operations in Block 22

Tobago House of Assembly
Centrica Energy, through its subsidiary Centrica Resources Limited, will be conducting survey operations in Block 22. The potential well sites and pipeline route will be north of Tobago.

The survey operations begun on May 10, 2012 and will be conducted for approximately fifty days. The surveys will comprise of an ‘offshore’ and ‘near shore’ programme, utilizing different vessels and equipment.

Survey activities will include the seabed mapping of potential well locations using various survey techniques for the ‘offshore’ programme. Techniques will include towed equipment and collecting samples of the seabed to ascertain soil types. Similar operations will be conducted along the proposed pipeline route starting at the well heads to a point near the 25 metre (m) water depth line southwest of Tobago.

The ‘near shore’ programme will include similar activities along the proposed pipeline route from the 25m water line to the shore at Cove Point. Survey operations could extend to either side of the proposed pipeline route by several hundred metres.

Centrica Energy requests that marine users give the surveying vessel a wide berth. A Fishing Liaison Officer will be stationed on the surveying vessels in communicating with other marine users.

Centrica Energy will be providing the public, particularly the fishing communities, with notice and updates during the survey.

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