Carnival Education

Tobago students boosted their knowledge on the culture of Carnival last week when they attended a two-day Carnival educative arts programme.

Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation Nadine Stewart-Phillips said the workshop was about sensitising Tobago students on the value of Carnival.

“The Division held this programme on February 21-22 at the Signal Hill Secondary School in the West and Speyside High School in the East,” Stewart-Phillips said.

Also attending the session were 219 primary schoolers from across the island. The Tourism Secretary said it was a unique way of connecting the next generation to their culture.

“The Carnival Educative Project is an annual series geared towards the teaching and learning of Carnival Arts, particularly the traditional aspects in a safe, fun and dynamic environment,” she said.

The students learned about the history of mas, as well as the characteristics and movements of traditional masqueraders. These included the Dame Lorraine, stilt-walking and batoneers.

The Carnival Educational Project seeks to promote sustainable development, innovation, education and pride in Carnival culture and heritage.

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