Call For Traffic Wardens

A parking and traffic study is soon to be commissioned, aimed at improving the flow of traffic in and around Scarborough.

Secretary of Infrastructure Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes said this will help his Division get the information needed to provide the best possible long-term traffic solutions.

“The last traffic study was done some time in 2015, and of course we have had an exponential increase in the vehicle population, so we have to update our information to suit,” he said.

Des Vignes said the Infrastructure Division also wants to introduce traffic wardens to help traffic management in Tobago.

“We are going to convene a special committee to evaluate the proposal by the Division to introduce traffic wardens in Tobago,” he said. “The proposal is to start with Scarborough, move to Crown Point and possibly Roxborough as well, with considerations to be given to the school zones.”

The Infrastructure Secretary said Tobagonians will get updates on this new plan in the coming weeks.

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