Traffic Unit Coming

A new unit will be set up to manage traffic in Tobago.

According to Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes, the Executive Council has given the green light for the new unit to be established under the Infrastructure Division.

“Truth be told, we have a lot more vehicles on our roads now and… for that very reason, [on August 28] the Executive Council would have approved the formation of our traffic management unit,” Des Vignes said at last week’s (August 28) post Executive Council media briefing.

The unit will be aimed at revolutionising the flow of traffic on the island.

The Secretary also commended the Division’s team for its work on the Smithfield Connector Road, which was completed last week to help alleviate traffic around the newly-constructed Scarborough RC School.

“We would have done the construction fully in-house, from foundation to finish as they say, except for the paving works, [which] were done by a contractor,” the Infrastructure Secretary said.

He added that the Division’s employees worked late nights, early mornings and even long weekends to complete the job, and congratulated them for their efforts.

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