‘Blue Food’ Countdown

Visitors attending the Blue Food Festival 2018 will have two days to enjoy the culture and cuisine of Tobago.

Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation Nadine Stewart-Phillips said this year, the Festival will feature a Curry Duck River Lime and Competition on October 20.

“As the name suggests, the river lime will see participants vie for the title of best curry duck dish. Patrons will converge along the banks of the Bloody Bay River, providing the perfect setting for friendly competition,” the Tourism Secretary said.

This year is marks the 20th anniversary of the event. The main event takes place on October 21 at Bloody Bay Recreational Ground.

That’s when the star of the festival, the blue dasheen, will be featured. Guests will enjoy delicacies like dasheen buss-up-shut, dasheen lasagna, dasheen ice-cream, and dasheen punches.

“Patrons will be treated [to] live entertainment throughout the day,” Stewart-Phillips said. “Samples [of] the dasheen cuisine will be available for purchase after the activities kick off at 9 a.m.”

Chefs from all over the island will also vie for the title of the festival’s best overall dasheen dish.

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