UNDP meets THA

Tobago House of Assembly.
Representatives of units of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) met for the second time on Tuesday (30th July 2013) in the programme’s 13 years presence in Trinidad and Tobago.

Chief Secretary Orville London who led the Assembly team described the two-hour meeting at the Blue Haven Hotel in Bacolet as “informative and productive” He said it was a unique meeting which provided the Assembly the opportunity to meet with a number of UN agencies to interact and to highlight some of the areas where there could be more meaningful collaboration.

“What I like about this morning was the focus was not about just strengthening the relationship but ensuring that we have better quality deliverables, more sustainability and more predictability,” London said.

London said he expected there would be more focussed processes in future where the Divisions would be able to intensify the relationship with the respective UNDP agencies and Tobago would benefit from that.

He said one other aspect was the monitoring of the programmes and the general evaluation between the UNDP agencies and the Divisions and he was looking forward to a more productive relationship between the agencies and the divisions.

UNDP resident representative Richard Blewitt said the meeting was part of a process for the UNDP agencies to evaluate their programmes in Trinidad and Tobago and to take the opportunity while in Tobago to meet the key stakeholders which was a fantastic moment.

He added that on his visit to the Chief Secretary two weeks ago he was able to see the power of the four-year Comprehensive Development Plan. He said he wanted to expose the UNDP team to the capacities here in Tobago and the opportunities for partnership.

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