THA Awards $2.8 Million for New Scholarship for Tertiary Education

The THA has decided to award $2.8 million for funding of new applicants to the Financial Assistance Programme, with about half of the funding to be used within Fiscal 2010-2011, announced the Secretary of Finance and Enterprise Development.  He added that in the next Fiscal Year, the Assembly will continue to support those Tobago students who are already at University, given the promise made to them by the Assembly. Funding for these students will come, in part, from Recurrent Expenditure and Unspent Balances, the Secretary further noted.

The following is the configuration of the Financial Assistance granted to students:

  • Education – 17
  • Engineering – 8
  • Management Science – 21
  • Mathematic & Allied Science – 6
  • Medical Science – 22
  • Natural Science – 10
  • Physical Sciences  – 6
  • Social Science – 11

Dr London said seeing that the “Central Government has decided to starve the THA of resources for tertiary education”, the THA decided to award this funding for the programme because it understands the importance of investing in human capital.

The Allocation for the THA Financial Assistance Programme in the 2011 National Budget is one million ($1 million).

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