Spotlight on Mental Health

EMPAC Counselling & Consultancy hosted a Women’s Healing & Empowerment Seminar at the Lowlands Multipurpose Centre on March 8th.

The seminar provided women with psycho-spiritual health information, including practical strategies to deal with debilitating emotional issues. It featured presentations on ‘Women and Depression’ by Renee Myers and ‘Healing from Rejection, Abandonment and Failure’ by Apostle Gillian Selkridge.

“The purpose of this event was to highlight issues women face and empower them with strategies to help overcome challenges,” EMPAC Counselling & Consultancy Managing Director Billie Sterling-Lewis said. “This includes mental health intervention and seeking help if needed. We also discussed pscho-spiritual strategies such as prayer and meditation and having a support group.”

The seminar was held in commemoration of International Women’s Day.