Taking Precautions

The Costa Magica cruise ship did not dock at the Scarborough port, as scheduled, on March 8th.

This was determined due to the number of passengers from Italy on board the liner. On February 27th, Italy was listed as one of six countries placed on Trinidad and Tobago’s Coronavirus travel restriction list; the others being South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Singapore, with travelers from China restricted since January 30th.

“The THA continues to work closely with all pertinent offices, agencies and stakeholders with regards to the island’s preparedness and response to COVID-19,” a media release stated.

The infectious disease remains an international concern with Italy, Europe’s hardest-hit country, putting its entire population of 60 million people on lockdown from today until April 3.  All schools and universities, ski resorts, cinemas, museums, nightclubs and similar venues have been closed and sporting events suspended.  All marriages, baptisms and funerals are banned, while religious institutions will stay open as long as people can stay three feet from one another.

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