Speyside Archie wins Secondary Schools Art Competition

Last year, she was a finalist in the Secondary Schools Art Competition. A year later, Speyside High School’s Juhchelle Archie is the winner of the 2016 edition with her piece, entitled “’D’ Washer Woman”.

Archie’s work will be featured on the cover of the Office of the Chief Secretary’s 2017 calendar. She edged out three of her schoolmates for the top prize, earning Speyside Secondary the $10,000 prize for top school in the process during the prize-giving ceremony for the competition today (December 13).

Three students from Scarborough Secondary, three from Goodwood Secondary and two from Bishop’s High School completed the list of finalists.

Chief Secretary Orville London told the students that the competition, which has been run for the past five years, will be one of the activities he’s most proud of, especially for its impact on the development of young Tobagonians.

“I am proud to be associated with this activity, because not only does it allow us to expose and to explore talent but it allows us to participate and to contribute to the development of the island’s young people,” London said.

“And therefore I want to also commend the teachers and the parents and all those who would have contributed to ensure that these young people have the kind of attitudes, talent, approach and posture that will ensure that they’re sufficiently disciplined, not only to produce excellent work, but to grow up to be excellent people.”

Secretary of Community Development and Culture Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus thanked the students for their “courage” to participate in the competition.

Tsoiafatt-Angus said: “I always say regardless of what the competition is, as long as you have put yourself forward to participate, you are a winner. You may not be this time that you are recognised as the top of the winning group, but if you continue to apply yourself somewhere along the road, you will have your rewards.”


Director’s Awards
Keandra Johnson (Speyside Secondary) – Nature’s Beauty
Mataffie Pascall (Speyside Secondary) – Beauty Within

Merit Awards
Kelshawn Thomas (Goodwood High School) – Tobago’s Beauty
Aurie-Ann Jakerov (Bishop’s High School) – Mother Tobago

Special Awards (Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport)
Avi Joshua Chami (Speyside Secondary) – Bombay
Alyssa Ross (Bishop’s High School) – Bago Blooms

Special Awards (Division of Community Devleopment and Culture)
Jahmone Madden (Roxborough Secondary) – Arnos Vale Water Wheel
Angel Taylor (Signal Hill Seconday) – The Binary State of Tobago’s Production

Chief Administrator Award
Shanice Ward (Goodwood High School) – Birds Galore 2

12 Finalists
Terichelle Baynes (Scarborough Secondary) – Folklore Underneath
Reine Adriana Martineau (Scarborough Secondary) – Monday Night Mas
Shaffique Jones (Scarborough Secondary) – Shango Dancers
Angel Melville (Speyside High School) – Our Lost Treasure: The Buccoo Reef
Marie-Ann Mohammed (Bishop’s High School) – Nature’s Message
Miciah Richards (Bishop’s High School) – Smile Bright, Tobago
Shadika Ash (Goodwood High School) – Dancers
Arianna Scipio (Goodwood High School) – Boy Days
Destiny Mark (Goodwood High School) – Old Time Tobago
Deandre Bryan (Speyside High School) – Heat Ah ‘D’ Riddim
Sharre Davidson (Speyside High School) – Ice Cream Gathering
Juhchelle Archie (Speyside High School) – D’ Washer Woman

Juhchelle Archie (Speyside High School) – D’ Washer Woman

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