Seniors Move From Library Students To Published Poets

“Aye Aye, Seniors Can Write Poetry Too!”

That’s not just a declaration of skill. It’s the name of a new book published by the Golden Members Poetry Club. This group of seniors was forged during a poetry class established in 2016 for the elderly at Scarborough Library Facility.

Three years later, they are published poets. Their new book weaves together tales of their life experiences in Tobago. It features five sections covering life experiences, perspectives on death, self-reflections, fashion and culture, and nature.

Eight persons, ranging in age from their fifties to their eighties, contributed to the publication, including Natalie Solomon.

“I’m excited,” she said, “because I’ve been writing since I was sixteen years of age, and it was really good to have my work finally published along with the other authors.”

The launch took place at Fort King George on Sunday (January 27). “Aye Aye Seniors Can Write Poetry Too” is now on sale for $200.  It’s available at Shore Things Café in Lambeau. The club’s facilitator can also be contacted at 714-0924, or

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