Youth Bringing Change to Canaan/Bon Accord

Young residents of the Canaan and Bon Accord area are using their time to help empower other young people Tobagonians.

They’re members of youth group DXL Promotions, which was established in 2014 to inspire the island’s youth. The group was part of last week’s Division of Sport and Youth Affairs’ Youth School Expo, aimed at encouraging youth to join youth organisations and to give back. The expo visited Bishop’s High School, Speyside High School and Goodwood Secondary.

DXL Promotions president Quincy Trim said the organisation uses entertainment to sponsor its charity efforts.

“Last year was our most successful year,” Trim explained. “We did four back-to-school grants coming out of our party backyard jam, which attracted 500 patrons.”

Among their activities in 2018, DXL Promotions hosted a community brunch for seniors in Canaan/Bon Accord, and distributed Christmas hampers across the island.

“We usually partner with groups such as JCI, Furniture Plus, and Guy’s Auto Zone, to do charitable work because it all begins at home,” Trim stated.

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