Positive Process

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles views the consultations on an education policy for Trinidad and Tobago as a success.

The draft policy resulting from those talks was the subject of further consultations last week in Tobago.

“It was, in fact, the continuation of a process started in 2016, when the Ministry of Education held the nationwide consultations on the way forward in education, and at that time consultations were held in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Tobago,” Charles said.

According to Charles, who is also the Secretary of Education, Innovation and Energy, the consultations were aimed at achieving three main goals: effective governance and administration of the sector; access to educational opportunities for all learners; and quality education at all levels.

The Chief Secretary is pleased with the turnout at the event, which featured a wide cross-section of people and organisations.

“The persons present included practitioners in the system, primary and secondary and early childhood, technical vocational and tertiary sectors, and representatives of the National PTA, denominational boards, other NGOs, persons with interest in special education, the general public and members of the media.”

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