Maintenance of toilet facilities at the Scarborough Fish Depot

Tobago House of Assembly.
Within recent times, several allegations have been levied against the Division of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment regarding the maintenance of the toilet facilities at the Scarborough Fish Depot. The Division, bearing in mind its responsibility to all stakeholders, conducted a review of the operations in this area.

Our findings indicate that a contractor was engaged by the Division to provide maintenance services for three facilities (Scarborough Fish Depot, Courland Fish Depot and Bon- Accord Play Park) in 2011. These activities have been monitored by officers of the Division over the period in question. However, due to the location of the Scarborough fish depot, the facility is more exposed to vandalism by vagrants and drug users. In addition, wear and tear caused by the high exposure to the elements and the age of structure are all considered contributing factors to the depleted and unsanitary condition of the facilities.

The Division is committed to the immediate action to ensure optimum maintenance of the aforementioned facilities. Moreover, the Division pledges continuous improvement of its monitoring efforts at all these facilities.

Should you need any further information, feel free to contact the Corporate Communications Unit at 635-1612 or 789-5236.

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