Hochoy Charles on Robinson’s death

Tobago House of Assembly.
Tobago’s political leaders met on Tuesday (15th April 2014)for the third time to discuss Tobago’s continued struggle for autonomy. After that meeting, held at the Mt Irving Bay Hotel, former Chief Secretary Hochoy Charles told the media that, in his opinion, former Prime Minister and President Arthur NR Robinson did not die a very happy man because the struggle for internal self-government that he started 37 years ago had still not been finalised.

He added: “Of all the tributes we are paying, I think the greatest tribute that the country, the government, the parliament and the people can pay to Mr Robinson is to make sure that they give his people the freedom he had started, the struggle he had started, to give us our freedom, give us our internal self-government so that the people can get along with their lives. I am sure he is going to be happy in his grave; happy with his maker if that is done”.

Charles, who served as Chief Secretary from 1996 to 2001, said that everyone, including Trinidad, should work together to ensure that the authorities grant Tobago its self government, and that would be the greatest tribute. “All that they are saying, all that they are doing… there could be no greater tribute to Mr Robinson”.

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