Full Steam Ahead

The fiscal 2019 budgetary allocation for Tobago saw a reduction in the development expenditure for the island.

But Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes said this will not stop the Tobago House of Assembly from pursuing development projects.

“We are heartened by the news that we will have that loan ceiling of $300 million to support the Development Programme,” Des Vignes said at Wednesday’s (October 10) post Executive Council media briefing.

“…Even before, the Chief Secretary had mandated that the Division gets shovel ready to ensure that come January, the dry season, the Division is kicking off and full steam ahead.”

Des Vignes said his Division will focus on high impact projects, such as improving road safety and security, increasing productivity for all workers, and reducing the effects of coastal erosion.

“… I know there are people who like to say that nothing has been done in Tobago and I want to put that to rest because what I would have done is instructed the staff to start looking into the files to see what we have done on the Development Programme.”

That search, according to the Infrastructure Secretary, showed that since 2005, “in excess of $2.2 billion” has been spent on development projects in Tobago.

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