FIPCOT Invites Fishermen to Come in for Cheques

Although management of Sea Power Fishing vessel has not submitted the names of Castara fishermen to be paid for August and September as per the arrangement, FIPCOT will pay fishermen whose name appear on prior lists. Dr London said: “We have not gotten our list of people as is required through our agreement; but we have assumed that the past will represent the present and that all those people, if you are within earshot come into FIPCOT at the Division of Finance to collect your money”.

The Agreement stipulates that the THA through FIPCOT will pay the fishermen three thousand dollars ($3,000.) monthly even when the vessel does not go out to sea. Sea Power management is to supply FIPCOT monthly with a list of names of fishermen who did not go to sea. Dr London said that up to Media Briefing time the THA still had not received the list or able to contact persons attached to the vessel.

Secretary London further criticised comments on the media which misinform and mislead the public in relation to Sea Power /THA (FIPCOT) agreement.

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