Chief Secretary rejects reckless allegations

Chief Secretary, Orville London.
Chief Secretary Orville London totally rejects the reckless allegations of Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) chairman Lionel Coker about the spending of THA funds prior to the January 21 elections.

Coker who was speaking at a press conference at the COP Chaguanas office on Saturday had also raised the Assembly’s receipt of $625 million from the Central Government and called on London to say how this was spent.

London said in a statement on Monday (15th April 2013) that contrary to what Coker wanted the public to believe the THA received its parliamentary allocation at the beginning of each quarter en block but because of the cynical action of the Central Government it refused to release the allocation until after the Assembly elections.

London said it was instructive that while Coker made these spurious and refutable allegations he was silent on the scandalous expenditure by the Minister of the People and Social Development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh.

“Mr Coker seems willing to condone the action of Mr Ramadharsingh who admitted that Government spent near to $2 million on 135 members of staff to work in Tobago between November 2012 and January 2013,” London added.

London said the people of Tobago saw through this ruse and rejected this insult to their intelligence and integrity on January 21. “I am confident that they will continue to reject Coker and his TOP colleagues as they continue to manipulate the truth in this obscene manner,” he said.

He said since the elections his administration has quietly and effectively continued the developmental thrust in Tobago for the benefit of all citizens.

The Chief Secretary also announced that the Assembly would soon be presenting a 100-day report to the people of Tobago. This will include information on the lighting of playing fields, refurbishment of hard courts and pavilions, construction of community centres, fishing depots, strip malls, play parks, youth zones, Scarborough enhancement and other developmental works. The report will also identify programmes and initiatives to be implemented in the coming months.

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