Chief Secretary Meets With UNDP Representatives

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is to assist Tobago with disaster preparedness, resilience building and restorative justice.

THA Chief Secretary Orville London met with UNDP Resident Representative to Trinidad and Tobago, Richard Blewitt, as part of ongoing developmental talks between the two organisations. The meeting took place at London’s Calder Hall office.

“We have a big plan which we hope we can get signed off on this year from local government on national security disaster preparedness and local resilience building. This is the Cuban model implemented. We tested it in Mayaro last year and we want to scale it up across Trinidad and Tobago, but adapt it to the Tobago reality,” Blewitt said.

Blewitt indicated the UNDP has made substantial strides in 2014 in this country.

“The level of collaboration has in fact increased and improved,” London said.

“We have a very big juvenile court project with the Chief Justice and that definitely has an element in Tobago. That’s funded by the United States government and goes on for the next three years. So the whole area of restorative justice is an area we definitely can dig more within the UNDP envelope and do more together on,” Blewitt said. The UNDP offers technical support for strategic development projects and capacity building.

The Tobago House of Assembly is also collaborating with the UNDP to offer assistance with the home improvement grant program.

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