British High Commissioner meets with Chief Secretary

THA Chief Secretary Orville London welcomes British High Commissioner Eric Jenkinson to his office.
THA Chief Secretary Orville London and British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago Eric Jenkinson met face to face on Thursday (January 13 2011) to discuss the chopping incident involving Peter and Murium Green at their Bacolet home on August 1 2009.

The two met for 45 minutes discussing a wide range of issues including crime, tourism, the air and sea bridges, agriculture and the agro processing industry. “We had wide ranging discussions that were honest and frank which focussed at this time on tourism particularly in the light of the case of Peter and Murium Green,” the British High Commissioner said after the meeting at the Calder Hall Administrative Complex.

He said the fallout in the United Kingdom of the incident had both an official and media angle and probably also a humanitarian as a result of the attack on the Greens which must not be forgotten. He added that a Minister in the British Government who represented the constituency in which the Greens lived will be coming to Trinidad next week for discussions with government officials.

The Chief Secretary described the discussions as “very enjoyable, informative and interesting” and said he was able to share with the High Commissioner what Tobago was doing and what the Government of Trinidad and Tobago was doing to treat with crime in Tobago. He stressed that the THA was attempting to ensure that despite the fact there were incidents; Tobago remained a relatively safe destination. “We want to ensure that we not only keep it that way but enhance it so that visitors to this island can be able to enjoy themselves in the way that they should,” he said.

The two also had very frank discussion as to what the situation was in the various strategies the Assembly was attempting to introduce to treat with the fallout of recent time.

London noted that one of the most balanced statements made on the Greens was by the High Commissioner when he said the Greens might have been propelled by frustrations of the judicial system. London recalled that Jenkinson took time off to state that the Assembly had a good record where treatment of victims were concerned and in the case of the Greens it did what was to be done.

He said he was able to get some insight from the High Commissioner on the issue since it was obviously not going to go away. “We therefore need to take a mature and responsible way so that what is done will not in any way tarnish the image of Tobago over the long run. We agreed that even in these challenging and traumatic times we need to highlight the humanitarian aspect in relation to how we treat with our victims” London said.

Jenkinson revealed that the Canadian Government was funding the work of a British prosecuting attorney to advise the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice on prosecution matters.

He said he was arranging for the European diplomats stationed in Port of Spain to visit Tobago shortly.

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