Accountants clear Chief Secretary

A leading Port of Spain firm of chartered accountants and business advisers have found “no suspicious transactions or activities” in the assets of THA Chief Secretary Orville London.

London had commissioned the firm PKF of 246 Belmont Circular Road to “review his major assets for the period January 1 2001 to October 31 2012” as a result of allegations of corruption levelled against him by the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) during the last THA election campaign.

To do this the firm was supplied with details of his salary for the period, reports to the Integrity Commission for the nine years December 31 2013 to December 31 2011 and supporting statements/reports from Republic Bank Limited, the Unit Trust Corporation, RHAND Credit Union, Teachers’ Credit Union and the T&T Central Depository Ltd.

In its report to London PKF said properties at Signal Hill and Old Grange were acquired prior to 2001; financing for the construction of a house built on lands at Old Grange in 2007 was arranged through a reputable commercial bank; motor vehicles were acquired through loans from the THA and a reputable commercial bank; and movements in the balances at Republic Bank, RHAND Credit Union and Teachers’ Credit Union appeared reasonable.

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