Wage Increases for URP Workers

Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development Joel Sampson addresses the media and members of the public (2022).

Daily-paid Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) workers in Tobago will soon receive wage increases. This has been confirmed by Assistant Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development Joel Sampson.

As we strive to make Tobago the greatest little island on the planet, there are some changes that we plan on making to the Unemployment Relief Programme to enhance its operations and [the] benefits for employees,” Assistant Secretary Sampson said.

He was speaking at the post-Executive Council media briefing (Wednesday, June 8th) at Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex.

The Assistant Secretary said the changes are intended to lessen some of the disparities that exist within the workplace.

The… welfare of the workplace under the Tobago House of Assembly is of paramount importance for this administration. Therefore, particular attention is being paid to the terms and conditions under which our workers are employed,” he said.

URP workers will also receive leave entitlements, including two weeks’ vacation leave, 14 annual sick days and 14 weeks’ maternity leave.

This step is deemed necessary to erase dubious job titles, overlapping of responsibilities, streamlining of operations, improving morale and enabling the earning of a living wage,” the Assistant Secretary said.

These changes will take effect from July 14th.


CategoryNew TitleIncrease (Daily Rate)
Male/Female/Unskilled LabourerUnskilled Labourer$79 to $149
Trade Assistant IITrade Assistant II, Time Keeper, Environment and Women’s Programme$85 to $160
Trade Assistant IIITrade Assistant III – Construction Workers$93 to $156
Trade Assistant IIITrade Assistant III – Time Keeper$93 to $160
ForemanLight Equipment Operator$106 to $156
Site ForemanSite Foreman – Construction Projects$99 to $165
Charge HandCharge Hand Construction$181 to $231
Charge HandCirculatory Charge Hand$181 to $241
DriverDriver$170 to $220
TradesmenTradesmen$166 to $216
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