New Lighting for Sports

The new lighting system at the Courland Recreation Ground has a brightness level of 500 Lumens, which also meets the professional standard for hosting of Cricket night games.

Night sports in Tobago is getting a big boost in the village of Black Rock.

A new lighting system at Courland Recreation Ground was recently commissioned and will not only benefit the community, but is also the first LED lighting system to be installed on a recreation ground on the island.

The lighting system is expected to provide long-term cost effectiveness and provides a brightness level of 500 Lumens, which satisfies the professional standard for the hosting of Cricket night games. The system was installed at a cost of $4.1 million. The Division of Sport and Youth Affairs’ investment in the island’s sporting infrastructure is expected to aid in the development of Tobago’s athletes.

Sport Administrator Earland Kent encouraged residents to utilise the available facilities, but not only in the sphere of sports, but in pursuing recreational activities in an effort to maintain overall well-being.

Kent indicated there would be additional equipment. “We have already procured equipment for the walk around track, so we’re catering for everyone. Persons can come on evenings, mornings or midday and exercise, using the equipment that we will install shortly, to ensure that this facility will be fully utilised,” he said.

The Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) was project manager.