Ms. Abby Taylor – New Presiding Officer

Presiding Officer Abby Taylor (2021).

The Assembly Legislature was formed to provide members of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) with procedural support and administrative services in an apolitical manner so that they can effectively perform their functions.

Within the Assembly Legislature, the Presiding Officer is the spokesperson or representative of the Legislature in its relations with other authorities and persons outside of the Assembly. 

Presiding Officer Abby Taylor indicated previous female Presiding Officers, including Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus, laid a foundation for young people.

They have set the tone and hopefully I will leave a legacy for some other young person,” she said.

Taylor, who was a guest on Tobago Updates (January 25th) said she was interested in learning from those who came before her.

Hopefully, I can sit with all the past presiding officers and hear of their efforts in helping develop the Assembly Legislature, and also what were their plans that they didn’t get to achieve, and see how best we can work together. This is our space. All of us are Tobagonians and all ideas are welcomed,” she said.

As Presiding Officer, Taylor presides over all sittings of the Assembly at the Assembly Legislature building on Jerningham Street, Scarborough. Taylor said she wanted Tobagonians “to get a better understanding of the Assembly Legislature and the history that surrounds this building.”

In addition, she said she wanted the legislative history to be part of the school curriculum.