Inform To Impact

The Division of Sport and Youth Affairs (DSYA) wants Tobago’s younger demographic to speak up by sharing their opinion on matters that directly affect and impact them, with a view to finding sustainable solutions.

Persons 10-35 years are invited to participate in a youth consultation initiative, titled ‘Inclusion Takes Heart,’ by completing an online survey and feedback form, which can be found at:

Some of the key areas being looked at are youth economic participation and developing youth social and intellectual capital.

This is a policy document and its being developed for and with our young people. Our Department’s philosophy is such that it views young people as co-creators, making their opinions very important, hence the focus on inclusion,” said DSYA Director of Youth Development Ann Marie deGazon.

The survey takes about three minutes to complete and should be submitted by September 10th.

DSYA is utilizing various formats to consult with the island’s young people.

“We are also doing interviews, focus groups, and discussion forums as part of the consultation with specialized groups, for example young people with special needs, those in institutions such as schools and children’s homes, in business, in arts and culture, as well as young people involved in sports,” she stated.

The Draft Tobago Youth Empowerment Strategy (TOBAGO Y.E.S.) 2021-2025 can be viewed at:

Responses from the survey and recommendations from the overall initiative will inform the measures to be adopted in the strategy.

Youth Consultation