Harnessing Our Creativity

TPAC Launch
Chief Secretary and Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation, Hon. Ancil K. Dennis, is of the view that there’s no time like the present to develop the performing arts sector.

It is my firm belief that now is the time to do more within this sector. I believe it has the potential to assist us to diversify our economy, and Tobago’s tourism and its people in a more meaningful way,” Dennis said.

He spoke as part of a Tobago Matters panel on the topic ‘Harnessing Our Creativity’ (August 28th).

Tobago has no shortage of talent indicated Tobago Performing Arts Company (TPAC) CEO Elvis Radgman, during Episode 5 of the series.

When we look at what Tobago has to offer, yes we have beautiful beaches, beautiful sites, but we also have a rich cultural pool. I’m happy the THA has decided to take the leap and invest in this company,” Radgman said.

He shared that some of the company’s goals are to engage and learn from stakeholders, as well as design an auditioning process for residents that will be part of the company’s training programme. TPAC currently has a nationwide survey to capture information that will inform how the company rolls out its plans.

Hosted by Glendora Lashley, other panelists included TPAC Artistic Director Rayshawn Pierre and TPAC Film Director Jared Prima.

Pierre said the company will provide artistic, holistic and technical training to better position creatives within the sector, while Prima stated that Tobago’s culture is valuable and it is important to show our content in order to place Tobago on an international scale.

The official launch of the Company will take place on August 31st on the TPAC Facebook page, TTT and Tobago Channel 5 at 7:30 p.m.