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Educators Celebrate Successful Summer Camps

We’re halfway through the summer break and across the island, July camps were filled with children ready to have fun!

Summer camps offer a wide range of activities, and parents often choose one based on their children’s interest, budget, and the camp’s location. In addition to a space to play, children can learn and discover new passions in a supportive environment during their time at camp.

At Summer Stars, led by Giselle Donaldson-Yeates, campers learned important concepts ahead of the upcoming school year, during the morning session, while afternoons focused on fun-filled activities.

The camp is geared towards preparing the children for the new term’s curriculum in math and language arts. We also include extracurricular activities such as art, dancing, singing, drama, and P.E,” Donaldson-Yeates said. Guest speakers, cooking, and themed dress days also added to the camp’s premier experience. The camp, which opened its doors in July 2017, consistently gets repeat campers.

Another popular camp on the island is the School of Foreign Language, Tobago’s J.A.V.A Spanish Thrill camp, led by Abeni Taylor.

At the J.A.V.A Spanish Thrill 2023, we have been building bilingual brains,” said Taylor. Bilingualism has been shown to strengthen cognitive abilities and improve creativity.

We have repeat campers because what we offer is unique and our package is always attractive and affordable.”

Both camps, run by highly-praised teachers, also offered their campers field trips, certificates, and other goodies; campers also got to make new friends, and maybe even learn a skill that might become a life-long career or hobby.

A little camper at the J.A.V.A Spanish Thrill camp.
Young campers and Giselle Donaldson-Yeates at Summer Stars.