This week we’re highlighting some achievements of the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation for the period 2017-2020.

Destination Tobago

Increasing the visibility of an island heightens interest in what the destination has to offer and could result in a boost in travel to the destination.

The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL), established by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) in 2017 to lead marketing of the island’s tourism product, partnered with National Geographic Traveller UK in 2019 to produce content to promote the island.

Tourists enjoy the waters of Store Bay.
Batteaux Bay, Speyside.

In May and July, representatives from the National Geographic production team visited Tobago to document the island’s culture, including its food, people, natural habitat, and landmarks.

The National Geographic Traveller UK team visits the Main Ridge Forest Reserve accompanied by local guide William Trim, far right (2019)

The project showcased the uniqueness of what Tobago has to offer. “Various cultural and coastal elements of the island were captured, as well as the island’s diverse marine life.” said TTAL Marketing Coordinator Sheena Des Vignes.

The end result of the project included “five articles revolving around Tobago’s unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered appeal, as part of a content hub on the National Geographic Traveller UK website,” she added.

The popular magazine is a leading travel publication with a respected reputation within the tourism and destination travel sectors.