Choose To Get Vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccine is designed to help your immune system fight the coronavirus. It causes your body’s cells to make a protein to create antibodies in order to fight the virus and then it quickly breaks down, without affecting a person’s DNA.

The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development has continued to spearhead mass vaccination against the coronavirus. And now, there over 20,000 fully vaccinated persons on an island of approximately 60,000 residents.

We are a long way from where we should be; it has been a slow and steady climb. More health professionals are vaccinated now and that is helping with public buy-in. But, in order to open our economy, schools and communities, we need to have at least 36,000 people vaccinated,” said Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine.

The Division has also distributed educational material online such as frequently asked questions. Additionally, doctors are available at all vaccination sites to answer questions from persons who require information or may still have vaccine hesitancy.

Vaccine hesitancy is a serious threat to our lives and economy. We don’t want another COVID death. The numbers show that it is unvaccinated people who are suffering and dying. People are fatigued. This is not going to be over soon. The data and the science show the only way out is through vaccination,” added Davidson-Celestine.

The Division has increased opportunities for persons to get vaccinated at additional locations such as the Port Mall and  health centres. Drive-through sites and a community caravan have also touched streets and homes across the island.

As Trinidad and Tobago continues to reopen the economy, members of the public are being encouraged to choose to get vaccinated.

‘Don’t delay! Get vaccinated today!’