An Opportunity to Grow More

A vendor sells ground provision during World Food Day 2019.

The price of flour has increased across the nation.

Flour is increasing because of the disruption of the supply chain due to COVID-19, and so we can expect that the price of other commodities will increase over time, commodities including cooking oil, eggs and meat,” said President of the Tobago Agricultural Society, Dedan Daniel.

Daniel said it remained important that Tobago’s agricultural stakeholders grow more local crops that are native to our island, as staples that can be used as an alternative option to wheat flour. He added that wheat flour was less nutritional than many of the other alternative flour options.

We at the agricultural society have always clamored for food and nutrition security in the country. We are not in the position that we need to be in terms of food production, but the price increase presents an opportunity for us to grow more of the staples that we consume, including breadfruit, sweet potatoes, cassava, and yam,” said Daniel.

He added that increased focus on growing our own food provided substantial benefits to society.

Agriculture reduces poverty, provides employment opportunities, and helps boost the island’s economic development.”

In addition, he said that Tobago needed serious farmers “who are committed to farming, because the sector can’t be built by hobby farmers.”

Similar to the Tobago Agricultural Society, the THA’s Food Security Division, has encouraged Tobagonians to grow and eat locally, as a means to food security.