Water Restrictions in Effect

The Water and Sewerage Authority, WASA’s water use restriction plan is now in force.

The plan came into effect on Monday (January 28) at midnight.

This means until further notice, the public will be barred from using hoses and other similar equipment for watering private gardens or washing cars and other non-essential uses. This is in accordance with the Water and Sewage Act.

The Act prohibits the use of sprinklers, pressure washers, decorative fountains, waterfalls and outdoor artistic water features. It is also against the Act to take, use or divert water from a reservoir, water course, conduit, or other equipment belonging to WASA.

The Act also places responsibility on the owners or occupiers of properties to maintain water fittings. This is so water supplied to those premises will not be wasted, misused or unduly consumed or contaminated before use.

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