UNDP help for Tobago

Chief Secretary Orville London presents a cheque To UNDP resident coordinator Richard Blewitt to cover the cost of six Tobago representatives at the recent World Environment Day observances in Mongolia. Photo courtesy the THA.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) resident coordinator Richard Blewitt has assured the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) of the programme’s continued assistance in the areas of governance, security, HIV/Aids, poverty eradication, climate control and disaster preparedness.

He has also given the UNDP’s commitment to provide grant funding to Tobago’s Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in a number of areas.

This came during a 90-minute meeting Blewitt and a UNDP team had with Chief Secretary Orville London and representatives of the Assembly at the Calder Hall Administrative Complex on Tuesday. (July 16 2013)

Following the meeting Blewitt said he was very encouraged by the work put in by the Assembly for the meeting, adding that the UNDP stood ready to help.

London said Blewitt also gave the commitment that the UNDP will treat with “Tobago’s concerns, with Tobago’s unique position and unique circumstances within the context of Trinidad and Tobago”.

He said the meeting also discussed the ways and means as to how the presence of the UNDP could be strengthened in Tobago

“What we got from the UNDP is a much more pragmatic approach towards treating with issues in Tobago and we are assured of closer collaboration. We will have people in the UNDP who will deal directly with Tobago so that we can have predictability and more tangible results,” London said.

London added that he wanted to give the people of Tobago the assurance that the Assembly will ensure that they benefitted from what the UNDP was doing for Tobago.

He told Blewitt that he had brought additional hope from UNDP that Tobago will benefit from its programmes.

During the meeting London presented a cheque to Blewitt to cover the cost of six Tobago representatives who attended the recent World Environment Day observances in Mongolia.

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