TRHA to boost health services for carnival

The Secretary of Health and Social Services is assuring the population that the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) board has taken all necessary measures to ensure their safety during the Carnival Season, and especially on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. This includes the collaboration with TEMA in their joint operations for medical coverage as well as provision of additional ambulances capacity and adequate trained medical staff at all health facilities.


The hours of operation for all Health Centres will be from 8:00am – 1:00pm on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. However, the schedule for the enhanced Health Centres – Scarborough, Canaan and Roxborough is shown below:

Health Centres

Sunday 15th.

Monday 16th.

Tuesday 17th.

Scarborough Health Centre


8:00am -8:00pm

8:00am -8:00pm

Roxborough Health Centre

9:00am -6:00pm

8:00am -8:00pm

8:00am -4:00pm

12:00midnight -8:00am

Canaan Health Centre


6:00am -8:00pm

8:00am -8:00pm

The Secretary is taking this time to encourage the people of Tobago to take their health seriously during this Carnival season and to engage in healthy habits. As a final point, we urge persons to refrain from actions that could have severe consequences such as drinking and driving, the abuse of drugs and risky sexual behaviours.

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