Training Boost for ECCE Teachers

Early childhood education is key to children’s development and the influence it has on their later life. This means training of early childhood teachers is critical.

Kathleen Quashie, the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Manager and Supervisor of the East Cluster Schools, recently hosted a workshop (May 17, 2019) geared towards improving curriculum delivery and planning. The workshop was held for ECCE Staff of the Speyside, Belle Garden, Mt St George, Moriah, Castara and Little Angels ECCE centres.

“This workshop was specifically geared toward improving the curriculum and delivery at the early childhood level at these six government and government-assisted centres,” Quashie explained.

Cheryl Ralph, a Ministry of Education ECCE administrator and teacher, facilitated the workshop.

The workshop focused on helping providers learn how to facilitate a quality early childhood experience for children during their formative years. Quashie said this will help ensure positive learning outcomes for all children.

The initiative focused on empowering ECCE staff members by offering them additional techniques to ensure that students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to support their development.

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