Tobago Updated on Public Procurement

With the full proclamation of the Public Procurement Regulations Act soon to come into effect, stakeholders in Tobago attended a workshop on Friday (October 19) to get up to date with the requirements of the Act.

During the workshop, Office of the Procurement Regulation (OPR) Corporate Secretary Derlene Liverpool-Young said the Act was designed to govern the process of public procurement, retention and disposal of public property.

“It also establishes the Office of Procurement Regulation and repeals the Central Tenders Board Act. Underpinning the Act are principles of good governance, fairness, equity, accountability, transparency, integrity and value for money.”

The OPR can investigate and audit the procurement process once public property is involved, if a member of the public issues a complaint. It ensures there is compliance with the Act. The OPR also has special functions, including the publication of a list of ineligible contractors.

“The Office of the Procurement Regulation can add suppliers and contractors to this list, where the supplier or contractors consistently fail to provide satisfactory performance or is found to be indulging in corrupt practices,” she said.

The OPR is also mandated to maintain a procurement depository, where suppliers and contractors must provide information required by the Act.

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