Tobago Security Meeting

Tobago House of Assembly.
Representatives of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) will meet National Security Minister Emmanuel George and units under his remit on Friday (12th July 2013) to discuss security concerns in Tobago.

Chief Secretary Orville London will head the Assembly team at the meeting to be held from 9 a.m. at the Mount Irvine Bay Hotel. The security meetings were held twice a year up to March 2012.

London had written former National Security Minister Jack Warner in March reminding him of such meetings and one was finally fixed for May 14 2014. However, Jack resigned the position and was replaced by George who agreed to meet London to discuss the security concerns of Tobago.

Among the issues to be discussed at the meeting are:

  • Construction of Police Stations at Old Grange and Roxborough;
  • Increase in the number of officers in the Tobago Police Division;
  • Concerns over communication challenges, transportation needs and the availability of essential equipment in the Tobago Division;
  • Clans to manage security in the unique Tobago environment;
  • Construction of Fire Services headquarters and Fire Stations in Tobago;
  • Security concerns at the Scarborough Port and the ANR Robinson airport;
  • Adequate patrols and surveillance of other entry points to Tobago;
  • Traffic wardens;
  • The role of the Defence Force in Tobago; and
  • Consistent disaggregation of the crime statistics for Tobago and Trinidad.
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