Tobago SEA results

THA Chief Secretary Orville London presents a token to young Arron Ramroop of St Andrew’s AC, Calder Hall, Tobago on topping the 881 pupils who sat the 2012 SEA exams in Tobago. Photo THA Info Dept.
Three hundred and fifty or 39.7 per cent of the pupils who sat this year’s SEA exams in Tobago scored above the national mean, while the top pupil in the island, Arron Ramroop of St Andrew’s AC scored 243.694 marks, according to the results released yesterday (Thursday) by the THA Division of Education, Youth and Sport.

THA Chief Secretary Orville London visited St Andrew’s at Calder Hall shortly after the results were made public to congratulate Ramroop who was listed among the pupils scoring above 95 per cent nationally.

The total number of Tobago pupils who sat the exams was 881. However, 67 of them have to re-sit the exams in 2013. The results also showed that 85 pupils or 9.6 per cent scored 30 per cent and below in the exams. The highest performing school in 2012 was Castara Government.

Ramroop who will be going to his first choice school, Presentation College in San Fernando said: “I feel great and very excited about going to my new school.” He advised those taking the SEA in future to work hard and they will be rewarded. He said it was not all work and no play for him because he did his home work, played and studied late into the night.

Chief Secretary London reminded the pupils that on a visit before the exams he had told them that he had confidence that if they go to the examination and followed the teachings of their tutors that they would do well. He also advised them to go to any school they were assigned with the confidence that that institution can in fact ensure that they can be the best that can be.

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