THA launches IHRIS

Integrated Human Resource Information System.
The THA is moving to reduce its cumbersome paper-based systems for human resource departments throughout the assembly, as it adopts the technology based Integrated Human Resource Information System (IHRIS) programme.

The programme officially launched yesterday (Monday) in Tobago aims to make the human resource departments more efficient and timely.

It is with relief that many human resource practitioners are embracing the new computerised system, which will help with the on-going challenge of filing and storing records in hardcopy form. With the launch of IHRIS job history, payrolls and salary threads are now available at the touch of a button. Lenora Woods-Wallace, Acting Administrative Officer 4, Office of the Chief Secretary, says “after today I realise how very critical IHRIS is to the whole system in getting people’s records. IHRIS is all about collating information so [that] things could run more smoothly in the Division and by extension the THA.”

IHRIS is here to eliminate the hassle of trying to get information that is not readily available. Kenneth Winchester, Director of Information Systems, OCS states that before “you have to dig in some file and you have to dig up for that so we have eliminated that with the administration module.” No longer will workers have to manually search for files, and now far more can be achieved in less time.

Roger Butts, Project Manager, Treasury Division, Ministry of Finance adds “every acting appointment, every transfer, promotion, salary increase by increment or wage negotiation can and should be recorded. All of this is done through one module of IHRIS – workforce administration.” This allows fast employee -information retrieval and its timely distribution for workers.

Already 45 persons were trained to implement IHRIS throughout the THA.

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