Shakeout 2019
A TEMA worker moves to safety during Shakeout 2019.

The World’s largest earthquake drill took place on October 17th.

Many countries worldwide are prone to earthquakes and Shakeout 2019 was designed to get persons prepared to survive an earthquake and recover quickly.

Staff from the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) dropped, covered and held on as the emergency warning sound was heard at approximately 10:17 a.m. yesterday. They joined 65 million people worldwide who registered to practice their earthquake safety plans.

TEMA continues to advocate disaster preparedness in order for residents to be ready to react quickly. Practicing for emergencies, including evacuation drills, are routinely conducted in order to help avoid panic, improve response times, save lives and reduce injuries.

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are held yearly to implement “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” techniques and learn other earthquake safety tips.

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