Secretary Pitt to youngsters: Make the best of youth centres

Gateways to a better life. That’s how Secretary of Sport and Youth Affairs Jomo Pitt is describing Tobago’s youth centres. Speaking at the opening of the new Signal Hill Youth Centre on October 13, Pitt said the venue will provide a safe space for young Tobagonians, and programmes to help them develop.

Pitt said: “…We hope that it will provide an avenue for many of our at-risk youths on the island [because] programmes, facilities like these provide us the opportunity to give the youths something to look forward to.”

The Division, Pitt added, will also collaborate with the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour, which is responsible for the island’s Y-Zones.

The Secretary urged young people to use the facilities and the programmes provided to their advantage, and to grasp every opportunity they get for personal development.

Also addressing the gathering, which included visiting representatives of Junior Chamber International (J.C.I.) West Indies, was Youth Development Officer II from the Department of Youth, Lyndon Wilson.

Wilson said the centre is a space that belongs to Tobago’s youth.

“We are trying to allow the young people to define what the space is,” Wilson explained. “We at the Department of Youth will be here to facilitate this and we look forward to working with all stakeholders in the community.”

This is the fifth such youth centre to be open in Tobago. The others are located at Bethel, Union, Castara and Pembroke.

In addition to participating in recreational activities, youth in these communities will have access to self-development programmes, vacation programmes and computer facilities.

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