Sea Power Chairman Speaks Out

Accompanying the Secretary of Finance and Enterprise Development, Dr Anselm London, at the media briefing was Chairman – Board of Directors, Sea Power, Mr Dexter Taylor.

Mr Taylor denied that his Board or any of its members instigated, authorised or suggested that the Fisherfolk Association should write to the Secretary of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment, Mr Hilton Sandy requesting his intervention in an ‘impasse’ involving the Sea Power fishermen and FIPCOT – the Company that manages the Sea Power Fishing Vessel.

After noting that he himself received the letter from a member of the Fisherfolk Association on 5th August, 2010, Mr Taylor said:

“What it actually stated, I was a bit baffled because I knew that we never had a meeting with Fisherfolk or any member of Fisherfolk.  Our Board of Directors never had any direct conversation with them at any time. It was a bit strange to …receive a letter stating that Sea Power had actually given a directive to Fisherfolk to take some initiative based on our behalf.  

The Chairman said that although the Board appreciates the Fisherfolk Association’s willingness to help, to write a letter in the name of the Board without its directive, knowledge or consent is to disregard the Board’s authority. “Sea Power speaks for itself”, Mr Taylor emphasised.

The letter was circulated to several people, one of whom was Secretary Dr Anselm London.

Additionally, the Chairman announced that the Board has accepted the offer of two fishermen to volunteer their services for the operation of the Sea Power, noted the Chairman. He said that this decision was made because the sea trials and other evaluations revealed that “our crew captain and engineer …are not at the level that we want them to be”.

Dr London added that the two fishermen will also undergo the necessary testing.

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